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Advent Design Corp.
Advent Design Corporation

Electric/Gas Meter Shop Robotics Planning and Implementation, Feasibility Studies, Electric/Gas Meter Shop Specialized Equipment Design and Installation, Automation of Meter Shops, Safety Disconnect Switches

Automated Micro Systems, Inc.
Automated Micro Systems
Meter Shop Data Collection Systems, Inventory Systems, Bar Code Products, Meter Shop Management Systems

BLP Components, Ltd.
BLP Components, Ltd.
Power Pulse 200 Amp meter disconnect power switch for use in socket adapters and under the meter cover, 200 Amp residential watthour meter remote disconnect/reconnect utilizing commercial paging systems
Cellnet offers a wireless fixed data communications network for automated solutions such as
Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Automated Meter Reading (AMR), Distribution Automation (DA),
and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). 
Cellnet operates the single largest AMI network in the
United States, with more than 11 million electric, gas, and water endpoints already deployed and delivering
data daily for the nation's leading utilities.  In addition, there are 100,000 two-way MESH radios deployed and
transmitting data for SCADA and DA at over 200 utilities.


eMeter designs, builds, and operates advanced metering systems for utilities and energy suppliers.  The systems can be run by eMeter on an outsourced basis or turned over to the utility after completion.  eMeter's Commercial Real-Time Metering Service includes everything but the meters themselves, which are provided and installed by the utility.  eMeter's service includes data communications, data management, a website for the presentation of data and management of user accounts, and data analysis tools for end use customers.  With its focus on Design-Build-Operate, eMeter delivers whatever meter and communications hardware and software will best meet the client's needs.


GEC Durham Industries, Inc. and The Durham Company
GEC Durham Industries, Inc.
Instrumentation Grade Current and Voltage Transformers, 600 Volt Class

The Durham Company
The Durham Company specializes in the manufacturing of Meter Sockets, Socket/Breaker and Switch Combinations, Metering Enclosures, Test Switches, and Pad Mounted Enclosures.   The Durham Company offers a wide range of Residential and Commercial Meter Sockets; Sectionalizing, Transformer, Primary Metering, and Switch Gear Pad Mounted Enclosures; Standard and Mini Test Switches; Breaker and Switch Meter Socket Combinations
Hampden Engineering Co.
Hampden Engineering Co.
Demand/TOU Time Run Boards, Voltage Warm Up Boards, Control Panels, Lab Work Benches
Landis+Gyr Inc.
Landis+Gyr Inc.
Single Phase and Polyphase Watthour Meters (S4), Multi-Function Solid State
Energy Meters (Quad4+ / 2510), Extended Range Metering (class 320, 480, 600), Meter Sockets
Marwell Corporation
Marwell Corporation
Electric Meter Socket Adapters-Right Angle, Service Limiters, Ringless to Ring Style Socket Adapters, A-Base to Socket Adapters, Electric Vehicle Charging Adapters
Power Devices, Inc.
Watthour Meter Horn Bypass Jumper Cables
Radian Research, Inc.
Radian Research, Inc.
Portable and Laboratory Watthour/Multi-Function Precision Standards, Ultra Accurate Laboratory Calibration Systems, Portable Watthour Test Equipment
Solid State Instruments, Inc.
A division of Brayden Automation Corp.
Solid State Instruments, Inc.
Manufacturer of a wide range of isolation relays and totaliziers for the Electric and Gas meter market.
Products supplied: auxiliary pulse relays,isolation relays, pulse conversion relays, dividing pulse relays,
totaliziers, and meter tone transmitters and receivers

Southern Utility Services, Inc.
Southern Utility Services, Inc.
Panel adapters for conversion of socket meters to switchboard cases and flush mount,
Portable Load Boxes, and RS232/RS485 communication boards for VECTRON meters

TriLink Wireless
RF Spread Spectrum Transceivers for remote linking of metering RS232 or KYZ pulse data,
Wireless Telephone Line for difficult metering access sites,
Portable Phone Line for new meter installation testing and phone line failures

uData Net
(Formerly U.S. Microtel)
Optical Probes for Meter Reading and Programming, Ruggedized Laptop Computers

Utility Test Equipment Co. (UTEC)
Utility Test Equipment Co.
Watthour Meter Calibrators (Field and Shop) and Test Boards (formerly RFL 5800), Phantom Load Boxes, Field CT Testing Equipment, Watthour Meter Test Stations, Counters and Comparators

Note: UTEC products are now available from Radian Research

Universal Protection Corp.
Revenue and tamper detection devices, Automatic Service Verifier, Cable Analyzer/Tap Detection System, Survey/Diversion Check Meters, Tamper & Surveillance Sensors, Computer Surveillance System, Induction Meter Flux Monitor, Tamper-Evident Label/Seals, Tamper Detection Modules

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